Halle History ...

For 101 years, this magnificent Victorian Gothic Revival building was known as Immaculate Conception Church and served as the spiritual center for ethnic German Roman Catholics within the Greater Johnstown area. The parish of Saint Mary’s was Cambria City’s oldest, forming in 1859. Two earlier church buildings served the parish before this building was finished and opened in 1908. And the parish remained very active until closed as part of a Cambria City parish consolidation in July, 2009. A not-for-profit corporation, 1901 Church, acquired this and two other former churches in 2011 and reopened this building as “The Grand Halle on Broad Street” on August 31, 2012. Its outstanding features include Hummelstown brownstone trim, richly hued Munich-style stained glass and a wonderful pipe organ with 2,000 pipes (32 ranks) handmade by the Adam Stein Company of Baltimore, MD, in 1900.

For a virtual tour of Immaculate Conception Church prior to its closure, click here.

Immaculate Conception Church